Tessa Hillman
Founder and Developer of Innerskin® Beauty Essentials

Women today are no longer prepared to concede that wrinkles are an inevitable fact of life. The advent of a good range of skin care products means that dreams of younger, fresher, and smoother skin can become a reality.

As owner of Innerskin® Beauty Essentials I have often been asked, “How can we hold back the hands of time?”

I fortunately had the expertise and advice of two medical specialists, a leading dermatologist and a haematologist, to develop a product to suit the needs of most women. With the help of these experts I researched many products in a relentless pursuit for a formula to cater for all lifestyles and budgets.

So 15 years ago, we began with the original Intense Hydrating Cream. Since then the range has grown to include cleaners, masks and eye creams, all made in Australia to Innerskin’s high standards and unique formulas.

The result is an effective, intensive and anti-ageing range of creams that help strengthen and tone the skin, restoring elasticity
and smoothing out lines and wrinkles.

I am now proud to present a range of three Innerskin® FaceGym® Exercisers + Toners to compliment our range of creams
and cleansers.

Innerskin® is the ultimate approach to anti-ageing. Skin care that will give women the ability and power to retain a youthful and healthy appearance. Used as part of your skin care regime, Innerskin® products will help to strengthen and tone your skin, restore its elasticity and smooth out lines and wrinkles.

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Our Founder

Praise for Innerskin® Beauty Essentials

Alison Fan News Reporter, Channel Seven

“Moisturiser: two buckets of it. Preferably Innerskin®, a West Australian product that quadruples as a night cream and eye cream."

Frances H

"Truly – your creams are the only one's I use – I'd be lost without them!"


“Your fabulous cream, the world doesn't know what they are missing out on."

Helena Scotney

“Hi Tessa, Just wanted to let you know that the cream (Invisible Lift™) is amazing. It has taken the redness out of my skin and it's smoother. You are amazing."

Mariyon Slany

“The Veil cream is a gorgeous soothing cream that goes on smoothly, smells great and feels like you are treating yourself whenever you use it."

Faye Jenkins

“Hi Tessa, I'm loving your cream."

Julia Frodsham Solicitor

"I've been using Innerskin® original Intense Hydrating Cream on and off since it was first launched in 1999. During that time I've strayed for periods and experimented with other more expensive products. I've used La Prairie and Priori for a few years, I've tried going only organic and I've worked my way through virtually the entire cosmeceuticals range at Mecca... but I've always returned to using Innerskin® original Intense Hydrating Cream. I even use it on my children's faces. It's calming, soothing and light yet ultrahydrating. Your skin just soaks it up!... Now, 17 years later, and needing more hydration and more active ingredients, I've discovered  Innerskin's  Advanced Anti-ageing Hydrating Cream. It's perfect for older skin! It's still has the unperfumed simplicity of the Innerskin® original Intense Hydrating Cream but it's slightly heavier without being greasy plus it's more nourishing. After a few months my skin is feeling more toned and, I'm convinced, my fine lines are less noticeable! I'm currently recommending it to all my friends!”

Josephine Griffiths

“There are hundreds of beauty products on the market and I have tried a good many over the years but I don't experiment any more, I have Tessa's Innerskin® range Innerskin® and that is all I need. Simple, safe, straight forward and effective. Great. These are excellent products and. I'd recommend them to anyone."

Judi Considine Corporate Web Designer

“I am an Innerskin® devote and second generation living and loving Tessa's Innerskin® range.

My mother introduced me to Tessa 20 years ago and I have never looked back."

Jeanne Scaife

"While it is true that 'time stops for no one,' regular use of Tessa's products can reduce decades to years."


Denise True     Consultant

"I love your  New INNERSKIN Advance Hydrating Cream. You should be proud of it.

It is a triumph!"

Jan Ohalloran Organisational Change Consultant

“Innerskin® until now has been my best kept secret."

Kimmaree Thompson Managing Director, Sanas

“I love Innerskin® moisturiser. It feels luxurious and calming. I use it day and night."

Dr Rimi Roper GP, City Beach and Mt Lawley

“Tessa has a very open and honest approach to all her clients. I trust her completely in discussing and managing skin problems and have been a client for over 10 years. I love her Innerskin® moisturiser and have been using it regularly. I recommended it to my mother who has abandoned all her previous products for Innerskin®."

Carolyn Rosen

“I have Lupus which presents with pronounced red markings on my nose, cheeks and fingers. I have been using Innerskin® for 19 months and have found it very effective in treating and managing my condition."

Niki Peinke Director, The Property Xchange, Western Australia

"From Day 1 you will start to see yourself looking better, fresher and more relaxed than you've ever imagined.

From Day 5 the compliments will begin 'you're looking well. You look relaxed, have you been on holiday? Hey you look fantastic'. From Day 10 you will start complimenting yourself 'Mmmmm... not bad'

And it just keeps on getting better."

Christina Young

"I have been going to Tessa regularly now for 3 years. She is reliable, very professional and always gives excellent and honest advice. She is a credit to her own products.

Thanks for always doing a great job, Tessa."

Helena S

"Your Eye Cream is unbelievable. It really works. I've been looking for something like that for years."

Praise for Innerskin® Face Gym®

Anna La Rosa

"I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know that I am enjoying using my FaceGym®. Mainly because it is so easy to use and I can use it at home without having to leave the house to make another appointment. I also enjoy it's portability and I have even taken the cheek rollers onto the bus to use (but sitting at the back of course).

I am already noticing results after only 3 days, unlike most products which you have to use for weeks to get any results, so I can't wait to see how it looks after continued use.

Thanks again and I look forward to my new, improved lifted face."

Jeanne Scaife

"I can honestly say that I am not a fan of conventional gyms. Fortunately, FaceGym® is far from conventional. This 'gym' assists with looking younger and more beautiful with just 3 minutes of use per day. Impressive indeed! Thank you Tessa."

Sally Grocutt

"Every 3 weeks for the last 15 years I have been to Tessa for a micro-current mini facial which lifts, tones, reduces lines and keeps me looking younger than I sometimes feel! Now with Tessa's wonderful FaceGym® I am maintaining that effect between sessions with amazing results.

Thanks Tessa for your holistic approach to beauty and anti-ageing. It works!"

Jenny Crawford Solicitor

"FaceGym® is fun, it's addictive and safe. They are also portable. The results are not only amazing but also progressive."