Innerskin® Miracle Mask

100 ml powder incl brush
250 ml Aloe Vera gel | $AUD 65.00

Innerskin® Miracle Mask

 A 2 part non-surgical system to tone and lift the facial muscles.

Product Function

This mask was designed to lift, tone and firm the facial muscles and smooth surface lines giving outstanding results without the surgery.

A two part formulation, containing Aloe Vera Gel. The Innerskin® Miracle Mask is formulated to lift and tone facial muscles, and smooth fine lines by mixing the Miracle Mask powder with the Aloe Vera Gel to create a brush on paste, which firms and lifts every muscle on the face when it dries.

Product Benefits

This mask lifts, stimulates and firms every muscles on the face. Regular use of the Innerskin® Miracle Mask results in a much firmer and smoother skin You can further achieve a complete non-surgical face lift by using our FaceGym® system to compliment your face lifting regime.