Innerskin® Moisture-Lock Eye Cream

30 ml | $AUD 50.00

Innerskin® Moisture-Lock Eye Cream

As we age, the skin round the eyes loses its elasticity because the muscles weaken, causing loose skin to accumulate around the eye, forming folds around the eyelids. Oedema caused by poor lymphatic circulation is the reason for puffy eyes.

Product Function

Eyeseryl is a Tetrepetide 5 with anti-oedema properties that efficiently reduces puffiness and dark circles round the eyes.

The Special Eye Cream also containing Squalene, Acetyl Hexapeptide 3 (Airgireline) Matrixyl Palmitoyl, Snap 8 and Tripeptide 3(Sny-ake) are also included in addition to our "Lock in the moisture" method to prevent loss of hydration so as to keep the skin round the eyes healthier and smoother.

Product Benefits

This Special Eye Cream is a rich and nourishing formulation that help soothe and calm this sensitive area, thereby minimising wrinkles. This formulation works well with the Innerskin® "Lock in the moisture" system by retaining moisture to keep the skin around the eyes smooth and velvety.